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Aqua Force Crossbow

Forget about shock and awe – you might want to run your own “Shock and Pour” campaign on the ground this time around, with the £29.99 Aqua Force Crossbow in tow. After all, this is one toy that ought to be able to catch your attention, as well as the recipients of its ‘content’. After all, summer is coming soon for those of you living in the northern hemisphere, so it makes perfect sense to get ready all the tools of the trade to have fun with your progeny as well as other neighborhood kids. Super soakers might be powerful, but just like any other medieval battle, there is a need for ranged units to deal the damage first before things get ugly up close and personal. The Aqua Force Crossbow comes with a ‘pull-and-release’ action that ought to let you launch long-range liquid missiles without batting an eyelid – up to 80 feet in length, yo! Not only that, you can be sure that you are burning some calories along the way as well, since the tension in the launch mechanism functions as some form of upper body workout. ]]>