AQ Wireless Outdoor Speakers

wireless-speakersOutdoor speakers are great if you hold many social functions in your backyard, but it would be better if these speakers were wireless as you will run less risk of anyone tipsy tripping over and breaking a bone (or neck) in the process. The AQ Wireless Outdoor Speakers hope to fulfil this specific need without looking out of place in most gardens.

These speakers truly do deliver with their pounding bass, sweet treble and a design that makes them look like some sort of futuristic office block – they’re shaped this way to keep the speakers water resistant in case the weather decides to spoil your mosh pit in the garden – it doesn’t do the bass any harm either, the shapes perfect for driving those deep sounds into the ground, giving you that warm earthy feeling that can only be experienced while listening to phat bass.

You can connect just about any device with a headphone or jack output to the AQ Wireless Outdoor Speaker’s transmitter, where it has a radius of 100 meters. You can pick up the AQ Wireless Outdoor Speakers for £89.99 a pair.