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Apple's 2005 iPhone prototype design strikes a blow at Samsung

I know, I know, both Samsung and Apple have been slugging it out for a long time now in legal circles, no thanks to their never ending injunctions against one another to ban the sales of their rival’s products, and we have seen victories and losses happen to both parties, although it does seem that at this point in time, it is the Cupertino-basec company who has the upper hand. The latest development involves Apple countering Samsung’s allegations that the iPhone that you know and love was actually a borrowed design from Sony. Just how did Apple respond to such allegations? Well, they decided to show off an iPhone prototype which actually dated all the way back to 2005, where it also proved that 7 odd years ago, the iPhone already shared its fair share of design elements with the iPhone 4 that rolled out to the masses just a couple of years back. Referred within Apple’s inner circles as “Purple,” the prototype which was created in August 2005 was shown off in new court documents for the ongoing Apple-Samsung lawsuit. What you see above is an image from the bunch of released images, courtesy of The Verge. This particular filing pointed towards a white iPhone that shows off a touchscreen display that takes up most of the front, complete with a home button that is located right under the display which reads “Menu.” This 2005 prototype also comes with flat sides and curved corners, which are not too different from that of the iPhone 4. As for the device’s back, it would feature some space for the camera lens that is located right at the upper right corner. What do you think of Apple’s move to reveal the “Purple” design so that the court will be convinced that this is totally different from what Samsung alleges, that Apple’s iPhone design was inspired by the good people over at Sony? Not only that, Apple did previously show off another prototype iPhone from 2006, where it has been slapped with the nickname “Jony”, which can be presumed to be in honor of Apple’s lead designer Jony Ive, albeit following the similar font and style as the “Sony” logo. Hopefully all these legal tussles will be able to be resolved soon, without resulting in the stifling of innovation, of course. Source ]]>