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Apple to Rogers: “Oh, Hell Naw!”

Canadians have something to be truly pissed about. Finally, the iPhone 3G is about to set foot in North America, and Canadian wireless provider Rogers has to lay down some of the worse price plans you could possibly expect, even compared to Canadian wireless standards.

To start, there is absolutely no unlimited plan to speak of. The highest data allowance tops off at 2GB and only 300 sent text messages, which for most people is way more data than they’ll ever use in the first place, but even so, for $115 a month, you shouldn’t be setting any limits on anyone. Apple has had it with Rogers and they’re making it very clear. Sources say that they have officially pulled the iPhone off the Rogers sale racks, even before its launch on the 11th.

While Rogers might not be listening to the customer backlash, made evident through petitions such as, Apple and Mr. Steve Jobs certainly are keeping their ears peeled. In an official statement Apple said “We have nothing to do with the service plans. Those are Rogers’ plans.”

And just to prove their adamant attitude about their hatred for these plans, Apple has pulled the plug on Rogers and Fido. While it leaves Rogers in quite a bad spot, they kind of had it coming. They can’t expect Apple to sit through the customer backlash, just because they are launching a data dictatorship.

Source via TechCrunch

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  1. These rumors are getting out of hand. There will be plenty of iPhone stock in Rogers and Fido outlets on July 11. There is no conflict between Apple and Rogers; it is simply a rumor that someone started on a blog. Wake up, people!

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