Apple slashes iPhone cost, intro’s iPod Touch

Touch me

All those iPhone fans who spent hours, perhaps days in line to lay out $600 for an iPhone look pretty silly today. That’s because Cupertino lowered the price of both it’s 8GB and 4GB iPhones by $200. So, the whole smash will go for $399, while the 4GB model goes for $299. And the word is that the 4GB phone is already being blown out and discontinued!

It’s downright ironic how much difference a few months make to the patient and how silly those with credit cards burning a hole in their wallets look today.

UPDATE – STEVE JOBS HAS HEARD THE MASSES! According to an open letter from Apple, users who bought an iPhone before the price cut and who are not getting a rebate can receive a $100 credit to the Apple Store.

As expected, Apple announced the iPod Touch – the 6th Generation iPod with a complete touch screen interface (we should’ve had it a year ago), a the same sharp 3.5-inch widescreen display, and a cool ability to download music from Starbucks! No kidding. You’re slogging on some Joe and you hear a great indy label riff. You click on Wi-Fi iTunes and download it right there.

Also, you can browse the web with Safari and watch YouTube videos as well. So, basically, it’s an iPhone without the phone. But strangely, with 5th Gen iPods going to 80 gigs, the iPod Touch only weighs in at 8GB and 16GB. That’s a Nano in the 5th Gen world.

But, then again, Steve Jobs wasn’t done yet. He also revealed the squat iPod Nano (which looks like a 5th Gen iPod that was left in the dryer and shrunk). It comes in a variety of colors, with a 2 inch LCD, 20-by-240-pixel resolution at 204 pixels per inch, and can play audio and video as before (including H.264).

But here’s the kicker on the new Nano … it comes in either a 4GB or 8GB flash drive, which may be the future for all iPods down the road.

Costs for the iTouch are $299 (8GB) $399 (16GB) and for the Fat Nano $149 (4GB) $199 (8GB). Oh, and the Shuffle is $79. But does anyone really care about that anymore?

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