Apple Free – iDevice Protection


I admitted in a recent post that I had yet to purchase an iPhone. While I got the occasional accolade, for the most part people snickered and belittled me for not yet entering the 21st century. Bear in mind I already had an iPad and an iPod and various other electronic  items that should have qualified me among the tech savvy, but most folks were faintly ashamed of me.

This weekend I got the darn iPhone. Of course I purchased the optional insurance from Apple, as I saw it, there was no choice. It was very expensive, but I have a daughter that we call “the Crusher”, so a discussion was not necessary. Well, I wish I had known about iSmart Protection, available nationwide, it offers the first ever family, group, small business and large organization plans at discounted prices. Best of all, it actually offers protection to people with UNLOCKED or Jailbroken iPhones who were previously unprotected. (woo-hoo) 

It seems that the iSmart Protection plan was developed to fill a need within the iDevice crowd, in that their toys were expensive enough to require protection, but that the protection itself carried a hefty price tag as well. Please note: These folks specialize in repair, not upgrades and replacement, so they can offer a fair price for taking care of your precious toys.

The iSmart Protection plans offer a fantastic mail in service, with same day turn around for the iPhone 4 and 4S as well as the 3GS, the G and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations of the  iPod Touch and of course it covers the ever popular iPads 1 and 2. With a 2 year warranty that includes unlimited repairs starting at a mere 59 bucks, it may just be worth a try, even with “the Crusher”


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