Apple announces iBooks 2 for iPad

Apple wants to change the way we look at the education system, by announcing iBooks 2 for the iPad. What does iBooks 2 bring to the table? For starters, it will obviously feature iBooks textbooks, which is a totally new kind of textbook that intends to make learning far more dynamic, engaging and truly interactive. With the iPad’s display, iBooks textbooks are said to offer students gorgeous, fullscreen textbooks complete with interactive animations, diagrams, photos, videos, and unrivaled navigation among others.

Not only that, you need not worry about your textbook being out of date, since this is digital content that we are talking about, iBooks will ensure that its collection of textbooks will remain up to date at all times, and even better is the fact that you need not lug around a really heavy backpack unlike your now-graduated seniors have experienced. Apple has a penchant for wanting the best always, and this has caused them to team up with leading education services companies such as Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, McGraw-Hill and Pearson in order to bring educational titles on the iBookstore.


As not all students are a privileged lot and most of them do learn how to operate on a shoestring budget each month, most of the textbooks are priced at $14.99 or less – leaving you with more money left at the end of the month to blow it on a really nice meal, or stash away for a rainy day. Not only that, the new iBooks Author is a free authoring tool that allows anyone with a Mac to come up with their own iBooks textbooks.

Those who are interested will be able to download the new iBooks 2 app for free from the App Store. Just to recap, iBooks 2 will offer gorgeous, fullscreen books, interactive 3D objects, diagrams, videos and photos, fast and fluid navigation, easy highlighting and note-taking, searching and definitions, plus lesson reviews and study cards, amongst many others. Now is a good reason as any to bug your parents to get you an iPad 2, rattling off the list of benefits that the iBooks 2 app offers, while keeping secret the many wonderful games available for Apple’s best selling tablet yet from them.

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