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Apple and AT&T reveal more iPhone 3G info, App Store preview

July 11th is approaching quick! And you know what that means. The launch of the new iPhone 3G. Despite the Stevenote at WWDC and various minuscule bits of trivia, much of the details for the 3G Apple phone were still sort of hazy. Today marks a brand new cacophony of fresh information for us iPhone fans.

Apple has released a video guide for their new iPhone and AT&T has rolled out their FAQ page, for everything you need to know about the iPhone 3G before you go out and scoop one up for yourself. One of the coolest things revealed today was the UI and the download process for the upcoming App Store, which will be released with the iPhone 2.0 firmware.

The new Apple guide video reveals that users will download apps much how they download media through the iTunes wifi store. All you’ll have to do is select a “Buy Now” button, at which point users will be sent back to the home screen. An app icon will then show the progress of your download at it zooms directly from the cloud to your phone.

The new AT&T FAQ page also outlines the price plans for the new iPhone 3G. Unlimited data and talk time will go for $129.99 per month, with unlimited texts costing an additional $20. So you’ll be paying upwards of $150 per month for the new iPhone 3G service if you want all of the commodities that come with it. Check out the page yourself for all the info you can eat.

iPhone Official FAQ