Apacer 8GB Fingerprint USB Drive

We have a hard enough time keeping an eye on our own car and house keys, let alone our miscellaneous storage gadgets. We could leave our USB drives sitting in a public library computer, waiting for anyone to come snatch our data and still be none the wiser.

Apacer previously had released their biometric fingerprint reading USB Drive in the 4GB variety, but they’ve recently updated their flavor to have a capacity of 8GB. Double the amount of storage of the previous model. All the more reason to have the added security of biometrics.

Just in case you’re one of those people who happen to leave their doodads and thingamabobs lying around, doesn’t mean you have to be left vulnerable. The 8GB Apacer drive protects your data with both advanced fingerprint reading technology and the ability to encrypt and decrypt your files.

The rubber coated metal coating allows for a good grip on the device so you don’t drop it in some random parking lot, and it even offers a public and private partition for the files you wouldn’t mind being found. Grab your own from USB Geek for $75.

Product Page via GeekAlerts