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AORUS RGB Fusion keyboard revealed

aorus-rgb-fusionWhen it comes to keyboards, in particular gaming keyboards, the owner can be rather picky about it. After all, you know that keyboards are something personal in which you would need to have it match your gaming style perfectly, and not all of it lies on the sheer hardware specifications of a particular keyboard alone. If you have been in the market for a gaming RGB keyboard for quite a long time already, here is something that you might want to consider – the AORUS RGB Fusion keyboard.

Unveiled at the recently concluded Computex 2016 in Taipei, Taiwan, the AORUS RGB Fusion keyboard happens to be a per-key fully customizable RGB laptop keyboard, where it will be accompanied by the company’s innovative design to boot, now how about that? This per-key RGB backlight will arrive in a whopping 16.8 million colors, which would be far more colors than you can shake a stick at in order to be unique in your very own personality.

After all, many people have already requested for AORUS to embark on something like this RGB Fusion keyboard, and this has led to the design and development of it as such. In fact, the new RGB per-key backlit keyboard will be featured on the next generation of X5 and X7 models as well, delivering just about virtually unlimited customization to those who are looking for such a feature. The backlight can be customized to light up only the required keys, or if you have a creative streak in you, you will be able to go a step further and set up animated illumination effects like breathing, waves, and ripples. Sounds like the perfect distraction when you are at work, or perhaps to lull your gaming opponent into a trance as he or she gets enthralled by what they see as you work your way around to deliver the coup de etat!

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