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AOC reveals C32V1Q curved monitor

C27V1QI believe that many of us who grew up around computers were exposed to a flat screen monitor, although for the older generation, fat and chunky CRTs were the flavor of the day. Modern day technology has seen how curved displays have taken over the visual department in living rooms all over the world, and the same has started to infiltrate the computer monitor industry. AOC, a worldwide leader in monitor display technology, has recently announced the C32V1Q. The C32V1Q is an immersive curved 32-inch monitor that has been specially built for work and home entertainment, with an asking price of a relatively affordable $229 — pretty much within the price range of a decent 32-inch TV actually.

 Being the latest curved monitor from AOC, the C32V1Q will boast of a minimalistic well-built design complete with a glossy black body, metallic silver finish and sleek curves. In order to keep up with the times, it sports an ultra-slim frameless design that makes it the ideal set up for those who would like to seek an audience with multi-display viewing while enabling seamless multi-monitor setups designed to boost productivity.

The borderless display will deliver a detailed 1920×1080 resolution accompanied by a 60Hz refresh rate. The VA panel itself has viewing angles of 178 degrees, enabling users to enjoy consistent color uniformity and accuracy regardless of which angle that they are viewing it from. In addition, the C32V1Q curved monitor will feature a 20M:1 dynamic contrast with a 4ms response time. Where connectivity is concerned, expect the C32V1Q to be generous in nature with one VGA, one DisplayPort and one HDMI port.

You might be surprised to discover that the C32V1Q does more than just offer sharp picture quality and a beautiful design. It stands out with the addition of wellness features that will help reduce eye fatigue during screen time, relying on AOC’s exclusive Flicker-free technology that utilizes a hybrid solution to regulate brightness and reduce flicker which will lead to a more comfortable viewing experience. AOC’s LowBlue mode further reduces the amount of potentially irritating blue light emitted by the monitor, all without compromising the excellent image quality. Anyone interested?

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