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AOC launches V2 series of frameless monitors

aoc-v2-monitorFor many of us, we do stare at the monitor for hours on end each day, be it at the office or at home. Apart from purchasing a work chair that is able to provide an adequate amount of support for your back, it is also of utmost importance to ensure that your eyes are well taken care of with the right kind of monitor. AOC, long having churned out monitors of great quality, have come up with the V2 series of frameless monitors that sport a gorgeous slim design and advanced IPS panel.

 The V2 Series will comprise of includes a trio of monitors: a 22-inch (22V2H), 24-inch (24V2H) and 27-inch (27V2H) model. Regardless of which particular model that you eventually decide to settle for, the whole range will boast of a Full HD IPS panel that has a frameless design alongside AMD FreeSync technology. This is the kind of true zero-edge design that makes them perfect for multi-monitor setups, whether you are looking at a large enough spreadsheet, need some wider screen experience in movies, or simply to maximize your gaming enjoyment.

Despite delivering just Full HD resolution, the V2 Series does not skimp when it comes to image quality. The gorgeous ultra slim design helps make everything around it look good, where the advanced IPS panel used will be able to produce brilliant colors and offer wide viewing angles. The monitor itself is perfect for home entertainment or professional tasks. Other hardware specifications include a 75Hz refresh rate, with viewing angles of 178 degrees, so that you can enjoy consistent color uniformity and accuracy no matter which angle you are viewing it from.

In addition, the V2 line also sports a 20M:1 dynamic contrast with a 5ms response time, while input options are numerous, including one VGA and one HDMI. Not only that, AMD FreeSync technology is part of the deal, delivering a seamless synchronization of GPU and monitor refresh rates without having to sacrifice on performance. The V2 Series will retail for $99.99, $129.99 and $169.99 for the 22V2H, the 24V2H and the 27V2H, respectively.

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