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AOC makes good use of your USB port with Full HD USB Monitor

AOC-USB-MonitorWhen it comes to using notebooks, most folks pick one up for a very simple reason – they absolutely love the ability to work while one is on the move, without having to worry about lugging around an entire workstation. Of course, there are varying degrees of sizes where notebooks are concerned – some are larger than the rest, while others which are slimmer might not be all that jam packed with features. One thing’s for sure – no matter how powerful a notebook is underneath the hood, you will always be limited by a lack of viewing space – which is what AOC intends to change by offering their brand new AOC 16” HD Pro USB Monitor, otherwise known as the E1659FWUX-PRO by its model number.

The Full HD bit is powered by Display Link Technology, where the HD Pro USB Monitor happens to be the very first of AOC’s USB-powered portable monitors that will bring with it Full HD resolution, now how about that, making it far superior from other USB monitors that we have seen in the past. It will sport 300cd/m2 brightness that would also make it the brightest in its class, while the widescreen monitor will be able to receive not only power, but also signal through a solitary USB cable for plug-and-play connection. In other words, there is no need for you to lug around another power cord or VGA cable on your travels – just a normal USB cable would do.

Such a design would also ensure that it remains extremely lightweight in nature, and will also be slim for maximum portability, making it perfect for displaying visuals such as business presentations or adding a second monitor to your desktop for increased productivity. The Mac and PC Compatible HD Pro USB Monitor has cleverly positioned itself to be the perfect solution for the frequent traveler who needs to pack multiple displays, since it sports a carrying case of its own that makes it a snap to fit into a suitcase. There is also a foldable stand thrown into the mix in order to have it go from landscape to portrait view mode with an auto-pivot. The asking price? $199 each.

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