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AOC announces new gaming monitor to enhance your experience

aoc-monitorAOC, a worldwide leader when it comes to monitor display technology, has recently announced a new monitor that ought to keep gamers more than happy – in the form of the 24-inch 144Hz Gaming Monitor (aka G2460PQU if you are into model numbers). This gaming monitor will cater specially for high-performance gaming situations, as the AOC G2460PQU is capable of delivering a refresh rate of 144Hz and response time of 1ms without batting an eyelid, ensuring that your eyes are treated to ultra smooth, crystal clear visuals that gamers will appreciate as they gain that tiny bit of decisive advantage, including reduced input lag and additional frames per second.

To call the AOC G2460PQU might be a slight stretch of the imagination, but I suppose AOC has done their homework well by calling it the ultimate gaming monitor. After all, it does come with its fair share of connectivity options and a sleek design which ought to help you meet your competitive gaming needs. This is a wall-mountable monitor where it boasts of a black hairline textured design alongside a sleek red bar located right at the bottom bezel, and will be accompanied by a Display Port, HDMI, DVI-Dual Link, VGA, with a quartet of USB 2.0 ports.

Not only that, the USB hub would also include a fast-charging port that ought to bode well for mobile devices that is three times faster compared to a standard USB port in order to help you reduce your waiting times for a thirsty gadget. Not only that, the monitor itself boasts of a four-way adjustable stand which enables gamers to change the monitor height by 130mm, swivel left and right, tilt the screen angle, and pivot 90 degrees to landscape or portrait view to maximize the gaming experience. If you think that your desktop is in need of a spanking new game monitor, then the AOC G2460PQU does stack up to be a pretty decent candidate, not to mention it will come with an extremely enticing $399.99 price point.

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