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AOC announces new 34” Ultra-Wide Quad HD monitor

aoc-surveillanceTimes are hard – there is no denying it, as the ever rising cost of living continues to haunt the middle class as well as salaryman. This means it is all the more important to find deals that offer plenty of bang for your hard earned buck – to maximize every single penny that goes through your hand, so to speak. Well, here we are with the 34” Ultra-Wide Quad HD monitor from AOC, where this particular 21:9 display that sports U3477PQU as the model number comes with 3440 x 1440 resolution to deliver gorgeous detail, not to mention additional room so that more work can be done within a pixel area which is 2.4 times larger than a Full HD monitor, making it equal to a couple of 20” displays side by side. There will also be built-in 7-watt speakers and 1.07 billion colors that complete the cinematic experience, whereas the additional space would allow you to split your screen into multiple panes for increased efficiency.

This 34” display will feature a 4-way adjustable stand that would make it easy to maneuver for maximum working comfort. The AOC 34” uwQHD monitor (U3477PQU) is not quite yet available at the moment though, as you will have to wait until later this coming December 8th at and, where it will retail for $899 a pop. That doe seem to be quite a bargain, with the kind of technology packed within at such a price point, don’t you think so?

The IPS technology used will offer extended range for brilliant and consistent color, and wide viewing angles deliver natural transitions between hues for an exceptional level of realism that will keep your eyes engaged, and then some. The display itself will also include picture-by-picture mode, which makes it ideal for displaying a couple of sources of content on the same screen, while there is also picture-in-picture quality that optimizes it for video chat. The display will be accompanied by a wide range of connectivity options, including DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI and MHL, so that it can easily connect to devices, peripherals, smartphones and even a second computer. Your eyes will definitely appreciate AOC’s accompanying Flicker-Free technology if you are going to work with it for hours on end.

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