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AOC 27-inch C2789FH8 monitor delivers an immersive viewing experience

aoc-C2789H8Are you on the lookout for a brand new monitor? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would very well want to consider the all new AOC 27-inch C2789FH8 monitor. This is one particular monitor that takes after the current bezel-less craze in TVs and smartphones, dropping most of the bezels in order to provide a maximum viewing area with a minimal footprint. In order to achieve this effect and further augment it, it will arrive with a curved Full HD VA panel for a beautiful and immersive experience.

 Being well capable of delivering fantastic image quality at its Full HD resolution, the other part that appeals about the C2789FH8 would be its gorgeous ultra slim design. The display’s premium design will sport svelte gold legs and a close to borderless frame. Thanks to the curved VA panel, your eyes will be treated to a detailed 1920×1080 resolution and fast 60Hz refresh rate. Boasting of wide-viewing angles, users are able to enjoy consistent color uniformity and accuracy regardless of which particular angle they are viewing the monitor from. Other specifications of the C2789FH8 of note include a 50 million-to-1 contrast ratio with a response time of 4ms, alongside a curvature of 1800R.

The asking price for the AOC C2789FH8 stands at $249.99 apiece, which is not too shabby at all considering the kind of performance it comes with. AOC has also thrown in their very own Super Color technology which will enable a wider color gamut. In other words, the color spectrum has been enhanced so that one will be able to view true-to-life colors. With Flicker Free technology thanks to a direct current (DC) backlight system as opposed to pulse width modulation (PWM), you can use the AOC C2789FH8 longer without tiring your eyes out. Seems to be fantastic for the office drone or dedicated gamer, the AOC C2789FH8 is worth looking into.

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