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NASA designed this cool ant colony in the early days of the US space program. The idea they had was for astronauts to take the colony of ants into space to study their behavior in a zero gravity atmosphere.

The best part is that you can now have your ant colony created with the same technology that NASA was planning on using. Your ant colony will live in a jelly like habitat instead of dirt. You will be able to watch your ants every movement. The whole entire container is just the right size for display on your desk, nightstand or on a kitchen counter.

Instead of using normal dirt to fill your AntWorks has non-toxic gel already placed in the container for your ants home. You will have to poke four small holes into the gel to begin the tunnel network. After you have poked the holes, go found around 15 healthy looking ants to give your new ant town a population. All you have to do is place them in the AntWorks and then put on the lid. The ants will do the rest.

In only a few days you will see your ants have burrowed out unique and exquisite looking tunnels, each one visible in cross-section through the walls of the AntWorks container.

There is hardly any maintenance at all since the AntWorks is ecologically correct habitat and the gel provides all the food the ants will need. Once a month however you will need to open the lid to aerate the interior.

The size of the AntWorks is 14cm by 16.5cm by 3cm and you can find it online for £19.90 or $37.72USD. This cool gadget can be found here.

5 thoughts on “AntWorks”

  1. I bought this for my step-son. This is the coolest thing. I have not had the problems that Lizard Queen has. The first week or so is the best. They seem to dig down to each of the LED’s (Buy the Light add-on) and make tunnels after that. We’ve lost a couple of ants but they only live between 1-3 months anyways. For sure get this and the whole family WILL enjoy it. My wife and I have probably enjoyed this more then the kids.


  2. Don’t buy this product! Unless you enjoy watching your ants die slowly, in a medium they were never meant to live in. Ants don’t live in funky looking jelly. Not everything that has NASA printed on it is good. They didn’t mean to keep ants in this for more than a few weeks. It’s not suited for long time ant keeping. The result of this will be ants dieing, just look at AL’s comment. Contrary to what he thinks and what’s written in the manual ant workers of most species don’t die after a few weeks. Ants can live for years in a healthy environment! So his/her ants dieing after 1-3 months should tell you something…

  3. This thing is really really cool. Your entire family can gather around and watch the ants work. My wife and I also enjoy the ants more than our 4 year old and he loves the ants.

    That is not true NuEM, search google on Western Harvester ants. Years…. Ants live about 90 days and Western Harvester ants live a little longer, usually 2 to 6 months. It would be very rare for one to last a year. There is no queen included when you buy ants… they don’t reproduct like a real colony in the wild. They are small insects and do not have a long life expectancy.

  4. Overall, this was a great product. I enjoyed watching ants tunnel and live in this semi-translucent gel environment. I recommend getting the light for the bottom, which adds a pleasant blue glow the room. Also, in response to NuEM’s comment: Yes, ants typically live 1-3 years from their LARVAL stage, but these ants come to as ADULTS and are only expected to live 2-6 months (as adults) depending on how long they were in their larval and pupal stages. The environment proved quite suitable for my ants. Though most died after a few months as expected, I have one that is still alive after 7 months.
    Some sources:

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