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The Anton Strainer bowl is not your average colander

Anton Strainer Bowl

If you do much cooking, you’ve likely needed to wash some fruits or veggies along the way. If you’re rinsing more than a handful, you’re going to need to pull out a colander, or some similar option. Most colanders are decently good at getting most of the water off of your produce, but not all of it, and a drippy mess follows you to whatever dish you try to move things to.

If you’d prefer to skip putting water on everything, then this Anton Strainer Bowl can help. This is a large bowl with a spout out one side, that uses a mesh strainer to keep food from escaping. This will let you completely submerge your fruits and vegetables so you can get off residue and debris without just blindly hoping you’ve tossed everything in the bowl enough times.

Thanks to the spout, you can drain the water into the sink without having to douse the outside of the bowl through the process. This is completely dishwasher safe, and won’t require you to scrub or scrap just to get it clean. Made out of a BPA free polypropylene that is said to be durable, it should be able to hold up better than dollar store options, and won’t put any gross chemicals into your food, win-win! Of course, this nifty bowl comes at a price, and that would be $29.95. It should work with pasta as well, which makes clean-up a breeze as you won’t be scrubbing pasta bits off of every hole of the colander.

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  1. When I saw the headline, I thought, “oh, no…not another December bowl game and who the heck is Anton Strainer?” Swear to God.

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