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Anti-Static Ionic Hairbrush helps to keep frizz at bay

ionizer-hairbrushIt is said that combing one’s head regularly with the right kind of comb is crucial and essential to having a head full of hair – and healthy hair at that, too. The ladies (as well as men) with long hair will be able to identify with the need to brush one’s hair on a daily basis, in order to get rid of all the tangles and frizz which might end up making you look as though you had been chased and hounded by a lion and managed to get away by the skin of your teeth. This $29.95 Anti-Static Ionic Hairbrush does seem to get the job done, where it emits negative ions that counteract the causes of static and frizz so that hair remains smoother and shinier.

There will be a switch that is located in the handle that will activate the ionizer, where its charge will be able to help neutralize the positive ions in the air that are responsible for flyaways and frizziness, and at the same time, it will seal out moisture, so that the hair cuticles will lie flat. The cushioned brush will boast of flexible metal bristles alongside ball-tipped ends which will loosen tangles without resulting in any kind of tugging, while there is an ergonomic handle which offers a comfortable grip during styling. The Anti-Static Ionic Hairbrush will run on a couple of AAA batteries, so you might want to keep some spares handy.

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