Anti-Snoring Device Snore Stopper Watch


No one likes being the one no one wants to sleep around, thanks to their obnoxiously loud snoring.  Well for those that haven’t found a way to get their snoring to stop, here’s another miracle gadget to try.  It claims to at least lessen your snoring, but does it in an odd way.  It uses acupuncture to achieve this goal.  Of course there’s no way to confirm whether or not this actually works without trying it, but at least the gadget isn’t too expensive.

The watch doesn’t actually tell the time, so it’s a little silly to call it a watch.  However, it does have a sensitive micro-sound detector that will detect when you’re snoring.  Once it does that it will send a very mild electronic signal.  Apparently it’s even capable of distinguishing between snoring and just other noises in general.  This device will make slow down the frequency of your snoring as well as make it so you don’t snore quite so loudly.  You can purchase the gadget for $36 from Amazon.

Source: GadgetGrid

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