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The Anti-Sleep Alarm makes sure late-night drivers don’t doze off


We have all dealt with driving drowsy. It’s not safe, or a good idea, but sometimes you only have so much time to get from point A to B, and sleep has to go by the wayside. While it sort of goes without saying, this is super dangerous, especially if you don’t have someone else in the car with you to talk to you and keep you awake. It only takes a second to get in a serious accident or drive off the road, so if you’re driving a lot you’ll want to have some sort of precaution in place.

 This Anti-Sleep Alarm is a two-finger ring that will let you know you’re starting to nod off before you actually do. If it works as intended, it will let you know up to 5 minutes before you start to slip into slumber. It charges via micro USB cable, and while it says it has a long battery life, that doesn’t mean it’s going to live through a 10-hour drive of constant use. The method of alarm it uses is vibration, and it should buzz for about 2-3 seconds when it goes off so that it’s sure you don’t “miss” feeling it.

The size is universal, so it should fit any size fingers, though there will always be exceptions to the rule. It’s made of an allergen-proof material, and can be used straight out of the box without any special setup. Since it costs $189, it better work more exceptionally than advertised as a truck driver who is relying on this wouldn’t be happy about spending that much money if it didn’t.

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