Antique Radio turned into computer case up for sale


It’s not uncommon to find various case mods that could easily provoke drool from most computer loving people.  However, what is rare is getting the chance to actually buy that item.  Typically the best you can hope for are some extra pictures as well as some vague instructions on how it was done.  Which is fine, but for those that lack creative skills, it’s not going to be helpful.  Well if you love the look of this antique radio turned into a computer, now you can actually purchase it instead of just drool over a few pictures.

The radio itself is a tombstone style Delco radio with a front dial that can be illuminated by the flip of a switch.  The computer can be flipped on by pressing one of the knobs located on the front of the computer.  Of course with purchasing something like this the look isn’t the only thing that there is to consider.  You have the computer itself to worry about as well.  You can see the full listing of what the computer has to offer through the Etsy seller’s web page.  If you should decide everything is up to your standards it’s going to cost you quite a bit to get your hands on one of these.  It’s currently priced at $625 on Etsy.

Source: CoolBuzz