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The Anti-Collision Rear-End Car Laser could prevent a crash

Anti-Collision Laser

There is nothing quite so terrifying as being on a busy road in terrible weather conditions. It’s scary to have cars zipping past you when you can’t see five feet in front of you, and you never know if you’re suddenly going to be smashed into or not. You can drive as carefully as you’d like, but it’s the people around you that you really need to worry about. Someone is always in a hurry, and doesn’t care if they’re making it a life or death situation for others.

If you want to make sure you’re getting some measure of space so you don’t get rear-ended, then having the Anti-Collision Rear-end Car Laser could help prevent a wreck. This is a a clear red line of light that will be projected down in a triangular shape (if you’re in the fog) behind your vehicle. This means the cars behind you will have a better understanding of how close they are, and your steering indication will be easier to see.

This has water, temperature, and dust protection as it will be vulnerable while in use. There is some installation to this, as you will need to connect the wire to the reverse light/parking light/brake light/lamp wire. The 3M sticker is what will fix the laser in place, and you can adjust the angle 180 degrees. This will only cost you around $11, and could save you from someone who can’t pay enough attention to the road without glaring lights┬áto guide them.

Available for purchase on banggood, found via Redferret