Anti-Virus “protection” for Windows Mobile: Norton Mobile Security

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Using Norton ‘Anti-Virus’ on your PC? Enjoying the crashes, slow-downs, fake detections and escaping viruses?.. Do you own a Windows Mobile device and want the same pleasant experience on it too?.. Good news! In a few days you’ll have the privilege of paying $49.95 for the pure enjoyment of Norton on your mobile.

You’ll get a suite of antivirus, antispam, firewall and data encryption functions. The encryption will allow you to keep data secure, even if the smartphone is lost or stolen. An additional piece of software, which will of course be sold separately, which will allow you to securely connect to your corporate VPN.

We all know and ‘love’ Symantec’s ‘security’ suite for the PC. Among the common and loved features are:

  1. Inability to detect some of the most dangerous viruses.
  2. Stalling and slowing down of your computer, commonly known as ‘crippling’
  3. Fake detections of viruses: harmless files are considered viruses and killed. Not too long ago, after a ‘critical update’, Norton’s jewel thought two essential Windows libraries were considered viruses and deleting, causing lots of computers to be doomed. CrunchGear have done a nice report on this.

As a bonus, if your company chooses to implement this solution on your smartphone, you’ll be blessed with a perpetual presence of Big Brother. The software will allow in-depth auditing and administration functions. Basically, your boss will be able to see everything you have on your phone, every game or NSFW picture/video present. Not just that, but they’ll be able to delete or install software from their desk. Of course, they’ll be able to disable certain functions of the smartphone.

Symantec have already released a security suite for Symbian. European users already know how much of a memory hog it is, especially for the under-RAM-ed Nokias. There’s also an antivirus program for Windows mobile which they have released, but it doesn’t have all of these lovely ‘security’ features.

According to official sources, the goodness will arrive on May the 29th. In your place, I’d recommend switching to Symbian (not a big deal available in the US, i recommend the Nokia E70 if you don’t need high-speed data), and/or switching to the lovely products offered by Kaspersky. Oh wait, I already have a Symbian-based device, and it’s protected by Kaspersky. I can thus assure you that this mix works perfectly – fast and reliable.

Thanks The Unwired for the good news.

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