Anthologie Quartett Cantena Wall Clock uses a bicycle chain


There are clocks that just tell the time in a way that anyone can understand.  Then there are those other clocks that make you stop and stare for about 15 minutes.  Then after staring for that long you storm off and find the person that purchased the confusing clock and force them to translate it for you.  This is one of those clocks.  Admittedly, it’s definitely cool, but it will probably still make everyone around you a touch on the crazy side.

The clock uses a bicycle chain to apparently emphasize the cyclical nature of time.  Yes, it’s also one of those clocks that’s supposed to have a deeper meaning or something.  We all know that clocks with a powerful meaning besides the time are going to cost more too.  This clock with all of its rustic details will set you back $2,338 through Unica Home.  All that money and you’ll still need help to tell the time.

Source: Technabob