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The Ant Watch is a personal ant farm you can’t leave at home

Ant Watch

When you have an ant farm, there’s not much in the way of interaction you can have with your tiny insect friends. You have to put in food of course, but you can’t exactly take your ants for a walk at the park or have them sit in your lap while you’re on your laptop. If ants really are your pet of choice whether it be because you think they’re cool or have allergies to literally everything else, it’s no fun having to be so distant from your tiny creatures all the time.

If you wish you didn’t have to part from your ant farm, why not put them on your wrist? The Ant Watch will allow you to carry 3-5 live harvester ants in an enclosure on a wrist strap all the time. While it is fashioned to look like a wrist watch, it will not tell you what time it is in the slightest. The dial on the side is pointless, as the crown is the removable aspect that will allow you to not only place the ants, but feed them as well.

The watch base is made from a plant-based bio-plastic, and this kit comes with sand, a food/water dropper, tweezers, a case opening tool, and 5 living ants. To start wearing ants as an accessory, you’ll have to put the ants in the fridge to knock them out, place them with the tweezers, and feed them liquid sugar every 1-2 months. These ants will live about 4-6 months, and purchasing this $59 set will give you a year supply of live ants. If you end up deciding that it’s weird to have living beings on your wrist, you can always set them free.

Available for purchase on AnalogWatchCo


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  1. GROSS! And far from liking ants, I guess you want to torture them by keeping them in this tiny, enclosed environment. Who thought this up — Dick Cheney?

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