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Ant Farm

Ant FarmDo your kids pester you continuously about getting a pet but you don’t want the hassle of cleaning or walking it? I might have the solution for you. You could own your very own ant farm!

You can watch ants live and burrow into highly nutritious, non-toxic gel creating a maze of patterns. The gel enabled NASA scientists to study how ants and animals behave in space and see how they react to zero gravity. Now you can conduct your very own observations.

The ants don’t need much care, they don’t need fed because this ant farm is a self-contained environment where they can make tunnels as well as getting adequate nutrients from the gel. To start the tunnel network started, prod four little holes into the gel and collect some ants to live in the colony. Your kids will love collecting the ants they can look after. Within a few days you will be able to see all the tunnels your little ant pets have made. If collecting ants isn’t your thing, you can always send away for ants for a small fee.

Ant FarmAlthough there is enough air in the ant farm to last a lifetime, you might want to leave the lid off for a few minutes each week to give your pets a breath of fresh air. Please remember to replace the lid though, don’t want any accidents!

You can keep your pets anywhere. It is ideal for your office as it looks quite pretty when the tunnels have been made and it can be quite relaxing to watch. If you really want to go to town with this ant farm, you can buy an illuminator to light up your farm giving it a wow factor.

Show your friends and family that you can hold down a job AND are able to look after a pet without accidentally killing it. You never know, you might get quite attached to the little mites, just make sure no-one over hears you talking to them! Available at Paramount.