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Answer Anywhere Video Doorbell ensures you know who’s knocking on the door

answer-anywhere-doorbellHave you had your fair share of “Knock Knock” jokes, so much so that you are sick and tired of trying to figure out the entire bunch? Well, perhaps it would be good if you could have that kind of peephole, allowing you to see who is on the other side of the knock or who pressed the doorbell, except that he or she might look rather distorted thanks to the glass used. How about taking things to the next level, technologically speaking, that is, with the $199.95 Answer Anywhere Video Doorbell?

The Answer Anywhere Video Doorbell happens to be a kind of wireless doorbell which will allow you to see and speak with just about whoever comes to the door right on the comfort of your smartphone, regardless of which part of the home you are at the moment – or even when you are away, halfway around the world and separated by five time zones. Each time the doorbell is pressed, it will send an alert to a free app that displays a HD video feed on your smartphone, letting you have the option to voice chat or not. Talk about merging both convenience and security into a single device! It will also feature a 180º motion-sensing camera that will allow you to monitor your home any time of the day, and to save video clips whenever movement is detected. After all, your house is your castle, so do your best to defend it from intruders!

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  1. I like how enthusiastic people are when it comes to advertising the Ring doorbell. Sure the RIng makes you feel more secure and it’s as handy as your phone, but it’s $200 and leaving something worth 200 dollars out in your front porch is like food for the burglars.

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