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Anpanman Let’s Go Driving Game offers brain training on the move

anpanmanThe human brain can be said to be some sort of muscle (although technically speaking, it is more of an organ than anything else) – and as with any other kind of muscle, the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets. Well, a child’s brain is still developing when he or she is young, and you might want to take this opportunity to ensure that it gets the relevant amount of “exercise”, so to speak, in the form of the $119 Anpanman Let’s Go Driving Game. Just what the heck is this? It so happens to be a training educational toy which we can read more about it at the bottom.

The Anpanman Let’s Go Driving Game has been specially themed to be around one particular popular character, which happens to be the award-winning Anpanman Let’s Go. This driving game console would allow your young one to navigate around the colorful world of Anpanman, where what looks like a toy from the outside, is actually a device that has been carefully designed as a form of brain training for children, where it boasts of 14 universal education activity games which will require thinking and mental calculation to complete. This means one would need to actively navigate through routes and mazes in order to develop one’s mental faculties and thinking abilities. Far more creative than a mindless shoot ’em up or other game genres, don’t you think so?