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The Annbully Car Charger Humidifier gives you aromatherapy while driving

Ann Bully Car Charger Humidifier and Aromatherapy

It’s hard to find any semblance of mental peace when you’re blasting down the highway and are suddenly stopped in standstill traffic. While music can help you calm down, your seat is only going to be so comfortable, and all your mind is focused on is getting to your next destination. While you can’t necessarily do anything about the time in between, you can make your stay in the car a more pleasant experience.

Whether or not classical music or doom metal is your preferred easy listening, the experience will be vastly improved with aromatherapy. This Annbully Car Charger Humidifier will help you to not only freshen up your car’s interior, but will make it easier to breathe when the air is dry. This plugs into your cigarette lighter, and the tank can hold 50mL of liquid at a time. When it’s plugged in, it will put out 2.5mL an hour, meaning you’ll have enough to last you a few days so long as your car isn’t sitting out in the sun making the contents evaporate.

This is available in green, pink, or purple, and you will of course need to pick which essential oils you want to be breathing in while dealing with rush hour traffic. This will cost you $12, and will certainly make being in your car for extended periods of time more tolerable. However, you’ll probably want to keep a bottle of pure water and the oil in a compartment of your car, otherwise this would be used maybe twice in a year and would then be another nuisance to deal with in your day.

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