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Anki DRIVE Intelligent Car Racing Game Starter Kit lets you get started right out of the box

anki-driveRacers can be fun – as it not only allows you to go face to face with the person behind the wheel (figuratively speaking, that is), you will also have a good time socializing with one another, that is for sure. After all, isn’t it all about having a good time bonding with one another this holiday season? The $149.99 Anki DRIVE Intelligent Car Racing Game Starter Kit comes with everything that you require to start burning rubber against one another, figuratively speaking, the moment it is unboxed.

Just what kind of hardware does it come with? Well, we are looking at a pair of Anki DRIVE intelligent cars (1 Boson and 1 Kourai), a 3.5’ x 8.5’ race track mat that is strictly meant for indoor use only, a couple of charging cases and fast charging cord, a tire cleaner, and just like a video game, these Anki DRIVE cars become more powerful the more you play. You will have to race more (and win, of course) to earn more points, where these points can then be used to upgrade your car’s weapons and capabilities. Just make sure that you and your mates have a supported iOS or Android device each before you duke it out with one another.

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