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The Anker Powerhouse – your phone will never die again

Anker Powerhouse

Having your phone battery die near the end of the day is a pretty sad occurrence. You’re instantly disconnected from all of your family, friends, and world events, and can do nothing more than hear the hum of life as it flits on around you. While one backup battery can normally save the day, some people need more than their phone charged, and oftentimes once is not enough.

If you have some serious portable power issues, then maybe this Anker Powerhouse will be able to get you out of a bad spot. It can charge a smartphone 40 times over, a laptop 15 times over, or could power your mini fridge for 7 hours. This 434-watt power bank is fumeless, fuel-less, and can be charged by plugging into an outlet, or using a compatible solar charger so you never have to pay the electric bill again. Yes, compatible solar charger means you would have to get one separately.

This device has 4 USB ports, a 12V socket, and an AC outlet to make sure that you can get your power however you need to. This has a battery management system to keep the voltage and temperature under control, as well as short circuit prevention. This is going to cost you $499.99, and is best used by campers who don’t want to disconnect while they’re out in the wilderness. You’ll want to make sure you’re using this at least once every four months and are keeping it in a cool, dry place to preserve the battery life.

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