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The Anker Ergonomic Mouse will give your hands some help while mousing around

Anker Ergonomic Mouse

Working on a computer can really take a toll on your body. If everything isn’t at the proper angle when you’re sitting, if you aren’t putting your feet in the right place, you aren’t at the proper height compared to your desk, and if the ergonomics of your mouse and keyboard aren’t what they should be, you’re going to be tense and sore. While massages and stretching will greatly help you, getting better equipment will certainly help improve your situation as well.

If you’re using a mouse that fits nicely under your hand, you’ll notice that your wrist still ends up being sore after mousing all day. The Anker Ergonomic Mouse is hoping to help with that, as it will put your hand in a neutral position that will feel like you’re going in for a handshake. Not only will you have less strain, but there’s 800-1600 DPI tracking, previous and next buttons, and a power saving mode which will make it go idle after 8 minutes.

This runs off of two AAA batteries, which are supposed to last for several weeks. The power saving mode will likely be the reason you can game or work longer. You’ll connect this through a 2.4G USB receiver that can be found at the bottom of the mouse, and you’ll be looking at spending $19.99 to get this peripheral. While it will take some strain off, it’ll take some getting used to, and it’s only one element of getting your whole body at the proper angle while working, but at least it’s cheaper than some of the other options out there.

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