Animatronic doors could scare the Tootsie Rolls out of trick-or-treaters this Halloween

I remember visiting Disney’s Haunted House ride, and being more than slightly creeped out by the doors that were banging loudly, as if some monster behind them was trying to break out.
This Animatronic door is incredible advancement that gives a visual appeal. You seriously need to watch the video after the jump if you want to a good scare.
This effect is as simple as putting a 22-inch LCD monitor with a DVD of Mr. Tough Guy trying to break through the “glass”. The pneumatics are queued at the appropriate moments so it looks like the prisoner might succeed in breaking out.
Since it is close to Halloween, I am guessing whoever made this must be prepping for the trick-or-treaters. I can imagine that a lot of parents will have to be consoling a lot of kids after visiting this house.
Hey, might I suggest a bigger approach? Perhaps you can use a 70-inch flatscreen TV and use a DVD of a giant monster trying to break out of the house. I don’t know how you will make the house shake.
Yeah, I really hope to see more advancements of this technology in the future. And you thought those DVDs of the “haunted noises” was going to scare the pants off visiting trick-or-treaters.


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