Angry Birds arrive at China’s parks

I’m quite sure that if you happen to own a smartphone or a tablet, chances are pretty high you would have a version of Angry Birds running on it, and just in case you’ve been trapped in some cave somewhere in the hills of Afghanistan for the past couple of years, here is a quick primer – in the game of Angry Birds, you will use your grasp on angles to launch different kinds of birds at green pigs in an effort to destroy them.
We’ve seen the game get translated to a physical format at CES earlier this year, but this time around, a park in Changsha, China, has come up with a real-life version of Angry Birds. Yes sir, the leap from virtual reality has been made to actual reality, and it goes without saying Angry Birds is a universal phenomenon with hundreds of people already having thronged their way to the Window of the World Park in order to give the game a go.
Seems to be a huge moneyspinner for Rovio, the developer of Angry Birds, if this continues to takes off (pun not intended) and soar, assuming Rovio is officially behind this idea and it is not some kind of counterfeit money making scheme at Rovio’s expense. You never quite know with China…

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