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The ANEW is a whiteboard daily planner

ANEW Dry Erase Planner

Having a planner to keep track of the daily and weekly hubbub makes life a little more tolerable. It lets you visually organize everything you have to do for the day, and also helps you remember what’s coming up over the next few days or weeks that may need a little more prior planning. Of course, human error can make a planner look more jumbled than it needs to, either because we have to scribble out mistakes, or our plans just change.

Whiteboard month planners are awesome because we can have it up and in the open at all times, and erase things whenever we need. The ANEW took this concept and put it into portable form as it is a daily planner that uses a whiteboard surface for every single page. That’s right, you can wipe every page clean if you want. Before you worry about it accidentally coming off from touching it, don’t worry, they thought of that, and the marker won’t come off without some serious scrubbing.

Saying that it’s erasable doesn’t guarantee it won’t get gross over time, but if it does start having that sort of ghost of things you’ve written before, clove oil can help. This is a neat idea, and while it would take away that cathartic feeling of opening up a brand new planner every year, it would be nice to literally erase all the stressors and work of the last year away. This is going to cost you $34 at the present, but you’ll want to hop on it soon as this crowdfunding campaign is about to end.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter