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Amusement Park Dragon Pedal Boat – get a lake of your own first!

dragon-pedal-boatOwning an amusement park is no mean feat – it will definitely require you to have a very large financial outlay in the first place, and chances are you would take some time before you can recoup all of your expenses. However, if you would like to try something different – and own a ride from an amusement park (or perhaps a water slide), then this is a whole lot more affordable. Relatively speaking, that is. Tame a dragon like St. George with the $5,000 Amusement Park Dragon Pedal Boat.

This happens to be the very same dragon pedal boat that you see in amusement parks, where it is more than capable of providing a leisurely day of waterborne fun, and can carry up to two adults. It will rise in the same manner of a serpent 6′ above the water’s surface, where it has a statuesque form that will be able to draw attention from other boaters, while retaining its quiet, human-powered operation to offer a pleasurable time on the water. It is perfect for leisurely cruises on ponds or lakes, as it seats a pair of riders and operates via a direct-drive, stainless steel twin pedal system that will turn an efficient stainless steel/aluminum paddle wheel that remains mounted under its belly. Made from durable yet lightweight fiberglass, it has a hull that measures 8′ long and 5′ wide. Supports up to 600 lbs., and some minor assembly is required as you bolt the head and tail onto the body.

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