AMPY is a backup battery that’s powered by you

It’s hard to balance all the different aspects of life. We want to get or stay in shape, which means eating healthy and working out. Doing well at work means showing up on time and drinking enough coffee to not fall asleep at your desk. Spending time with your significant other or pet takes time out of your day as well. There are a million tiny things to remember for every day, week, and month, but the one thing you never want to let slide is keeping your phone charged.

Not having your phone means your calorie counter app on your phone isn’t available, your alarm isn’t going to go off, and you’ll have no way to keep up with your life online. You can keep a backup battery around, but if you’ve forgotten to take it out of your bag and charge it, there’s little it can do to help you. AMPY wants to make sure that this sort of thing can’t happen, and will encourage you to get healthy to boot. This is charged through kinetic energy, so you’ll need to cycle, run, or walk to juice this up. Not only would this be an added bonus to walking more, but this can store up to a week of activity for months so it will be ready to go when you need it.

If you’d like to keep track of how much activity you’re doing and how much of a charge AMPY can provide, you can download the free app to see your calories burned, energy generated, and how many hours of battery life it could provide. The battery inside AMPY is 1000mAh, so it’s enough to get you through the day, but can stay in a package small enough not to weigh you down. If you’re interested in generating your own power, this will cost you $85.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter