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Amphiro a1 self-powered smart water meter for the shower

amphiroSmart cars, smartphones, smart homes, the list seems to go on and on when it comes to having something that has the “smart” tag attached to it. We do know that the world has moved in leaps and bounds when it comes to technology, and with that, it has also helped us be a more efficient society. Power efficiency is a buzzword that has been thrown around for quite some time already, especially when you consider how the world has finite energy sources, leading us to consider renewable energy as another alternative. Here’s an idea for helping save on your thermal energy needs – with the Amphiro a1 self-powered smart water meter for the shower!

The Amphiro a1 is said to be the first of its kind in the world, where it will be able to assist users to help save up to an average of 23% of their thermal energy – this translates to approximately $135 savings annually without having to give up on your comfort. After all, the folks over at Amphiro claim that the average household uses 2,000 kWh of energy annually for water heating needs alone, and is more than the combined total used for lighting, cooking, electronic devices and the refrigerator.

With the Amphiro a1, it will be able to display your hot water consumption in real time, urging you to reduce your carbon footprint in an entertaining manner. With its help, it is projected to help you save 440 kWh of energy in addition to 8,500 litersof drinking water and waste water each year.

It will work by sitting between the shower hose and the handheld shower head, running on a tiny generator which harvests the energy for the display and electronic components from the water flow itself. It will show off details like your current water consumption, the water temperature, your energy consumption and the associated energy efficiency class, while a polar bear animation would visualize your energy consumption. Captain Planet will definitely approve, that’s for sure!

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