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Amphibious R/C Tank

I’m something of a fan of remote control toys and this has got to be one of the coolest I’ve seen, the Amphibious R/C Tank. At first I thought it was another R/C beer can transporter (which it can be in land mode) but when the tank hits the water the wheels fold up into the can holders, cool! Oh and it also shoots BB bullets. Check the video after the jump to see it in action.


Transforming from powerful, road-going tank to impressive ocean-going assault boat in the merest blink, this cunning device takes 4WD R/C (that’s 4-wheel-drive remote control) to a new level, loosing-off whole squadrons of BB bullets at your command.

Sturdy and imposing on land, with full 4-wheel drive capability to tackle the most arduous of, err, rockeries, this changeling of a device is equally at home in the briny. On activating the transformation device deep in the heart of the unit, powerful twin propellers take over from wheels, providing rock-solid forward motion in the water.

The Amphibious R/C Tank is available in the UK from the Gadget Shop for £43.49, I’ve searched for it in the US without any success as yet.

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  1. I see a link to “remote control toys” and “Amphibious R/C Tank” and “Gadget Shop for £43.49” but I didn’t see a video on any of those.

    Also, I see a large blank spot after the paragraph that ends with “in the water.” and before the sentence that starts with “The Amphibious R/C Tank is available in the UK”

    We do block some stuff with the firewall here at work. Could that be it?

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