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Amphibious ATV lets you have some wet and wild fun

amphibious-atvThe summer holidays are fast approaching, and that would mean having plenty of fun – cooling off at the same time. This would mean trips to the beach and the ilk, but what if you would like to up the ante by showboating to your mates at the same time? Perhaps there is an ace up your sleeve that you would be able to snag that beauty whom you have been after for quite some time already, and this might be able to be achieved with the $49,000 Amphibious ATV.

The Amphibious ATV has been touted to be the world’s first high-speed all-terrain vehicle which, as its name implies, is able to travel over the land and water at speeds of up to 45 mph. It is powered by a 140-hp BMW engine, and will operate as an ATV on land with a quartet of 12″ diameter aluminum wheels, 25″ diameter x 8″ wide rubber tires, an electronic shift transmission (with reverse), and four-wheel disc brakes. Thanks to its rear-wheel drive ability and an 8.5″ ground clearance, the ATV hums along by using independent coil springs in order to deliver a smooth ride regardless of the terrain. When it enters the water, its retraction system will raise the wheels above the waterline to a 45° angle to enable smooth waterborne riding in under five seconds. The engine’s power will also automatically transfer to a proprietary Gibbs jet drive which in turn, propels the craft to planing speed within seconds while the handle bars control the jet’s vectored thrust for easy maneuvering over the water. Capable of supporting a pair of riders who weigh a total of 350 lbs., it has a 15-gallon unleaded fuel tank that delivers a 250-mile range on land and three hours of operation on the water.