Amiigo Bluetooth low-energy fitness device

Do you have trouble trying to live out the resolutions that you made when the clock struck midnight on December 31st last year? Right now, we are already in the last day of the first month of 2013, and if you have already broken your New Year’s resolution(s), take heart, there are still 11 more months to make amends for your past failures. Assuming you want to focus and pay more attention to your workout sessions, perhaps it would be good if you had some kind of device to help you out here. Utah-based entrepreneurs, Amiigo, have come up with what they call the Amiigo Bluetooth low-energy fitness device, where it is touted to elevate an ordinary workout experience to the next level.

To put it in a nutshell, the Amiigo is actually a sweat-proof fitness bracelet (as it should be, considering the bucketloads of sweat that you would end up shedding whenever you indulge in a vigorous exercise session), where it is accompanied with a shoe-clip, and is “smart” enough to identify just the kind of exercise that is being performed at the moment, in addition to detailing your body’s physiological response. Having picked up more than the amount required to make the Amiigo a reality on crowd-funding site Indiegogo, you can now place a pre-order for the Amiigo.

Dave Scott, co-founder of Amiigo, said, “Athletes are always working to enhance and elevate their workout experience. We wanted to develop an easy-to-use device that helps people personalize their workouts, share data, and even compete with friends. Our fitness bracelet and shoe-clip does it all, and we’re confident you’ll work out better and harder with it. Push yourself and be great with Amiigo.”

I find it interesting that the Amiigo is able to tell the difference between running on a treadmill and using an elliptical, thanks to integrated sensors within which correlate with upper body exercises and sensors located in the shoe-clip that obviously, focuses on the lower body. These will “talk” to an iOS or Android device via Bluetooth, and the Amiigo will also be able to track heart rate, blood oxygen levels, skin temperature and amount of calories burned. Shipping of the Amiigo commences sometime in June this year.

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