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AMD GAME! announced

amd-game.jpgAMD has just announced AMD GAME!, a program that will help design consumers choose the perfect PC for high definition gaming. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, high definition looks set to take over the entertainment world in the immediate future, although it will take some time more as high end graphical hardware isn’t exactly cheap to the average Joe at this point in time (not to mention the ever falling dollar that seems to be worth less and less each day. AMD GAME! platforms bring together the powerful balance of multi-core processors, exceptional HD digital media, and next-generation graphics processing power in a single package. Acer, Alienware, Logitech and Microsoft will be hooking up with AMD to ensure consumers can easily identify PCs that deliver HD gaming and entertainment experiences out of the box. Sorta like a “buying gaming PCs for dummies” kinda thing made easy.

AMD strongly believes that consumers ought to benefit from a balanced platform with matched and tested components that meet their needs with each purchase, and not end up with components and software that will compromise their overall gaming experience. This means gaming PCs should be adequately equipped to handle the more demanding moments of gaming action or HD entertainment without stutter or lag. The AMD GAME! initiative aims to bring this vision to pass, ensuring that each PC you buy has already been optimized for gaming with the right graphics and processor components. This means hardware and PC components that carry the AMD GAME! logo automatically lets on that one will be bringing home a customized and exceptional gaming experience with each purchase.

I wonder how many hardcore gamers who prefer building their own computers from scratch will actually purchase an AMD GAME! system off retail shelves. After all, that is an extremely picky bunch, which is why they construct their own gaming rig in the first place. I would recommend an AMD GAME! system to those who don’t know jack about video cards or are just too lazy to do their own research, and yet want an optimal gaming experience.

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