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The Ambie Ear Cuff Earphones – don’t tune out completely!


Some days we have too many thoughts running in our heads. The things we have to do at home, errands, any loose ends that were left at work, what we’re behind on for our personal goals, visiting family, friends, the fact that we should be taking a more proactive stance on our health; it all gets to be too much at times. Music can match our mood, and it can also drown out the thoughts of what you need to do and put you in the present moment.

The downside to listening to music is that we often turn it up so high that we can no longer interact with the world around us. If you’re out in public while listening to tunes, you might be in danger and can’t notice because your ear buds are drowning out all the sound. These Ambie Ear Cuff Earphones will let you be in the moment both by letting you hear the music that grounds you, as well as exterior noises.

Aside from being a cuff that wraps around your ear, these function like your standard headphones, with a mic for taking calls, and inline volume and playback controls. They don’t come cheap at $110, and you’ll have your choice of black, brown, white, orange, blue, or green. The specs seem reasonable, but since this is intended for being present both in your music and the outside world, you’ll have to be wary of how loud they are lest you want others listening in.

Available for purchase on JapanTrendShop

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