Amber Alert GPS introduces GPS 2G device

Amber Alert GPS tracker for kids

You can never be too careful these days, considering just how our world has degenerated in a rather alarming manner with all sorts of crimes and evil deeds being reported on the news round the clock. Gone are the days of innocence, where one can sleep in peace without locking the front door of the house. Not to mention the criminal atrocities associated with children by devilish adults, making parenting a more stressful job than it already is. Amber Alert aims to alleviate some of the parents’ fears by introducing their Amber Alert GPS 2G child tracking device which is capable of keeping tabs on the little ones all the time, giving their parents a sense of control and much needed peace of mind.

The Amber Alert GPS 2G allows parents to limit their children’s boundaries by coming up with a pre-designated safe zone regardless of where they are. In addition, the GPS tracker for children will help create a “bread crumbing” trail of the children’s route using a series of alerts. Not only that, it goes the extra mile by alerting the parent that the child has reached their designation safe and sound, while voice monitoring and the ability to monitor the vehicle’s speed surely go a long way in making this a “must buy” device for new parents who are anxious to keep tabs all the time and do not want to let one moment of carelessness result in a disaster. As for the kids themselves, they can also access an emergency button to alert the parent whenever they are in need of help.

The Amber Alert GPS 2G will retail for $379.99 a pop, but you do have to fork out an additional $9.99 monthly for the basic subscription. Depending on other plans, you will have to pay even more per month which could put a damper on your monthly budget considering the current tough economic weather, but there isn’t really too high a price to pay for safety, is there? Eternal vigilance is the phrase I’m looking at here…