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Amazon updates their Cloud Drive Desktop app

Well, if you have yet to enjoy the wonders of the cloud, perhaps it is time to do so, and what better way to start than with a name that most folks are more than familiar with, even more so, trust? Amazon has their Cloud Drive app out for some time already, and now, they have introduced yet another update for the Cloud Drive Desktop app that will introduce a spanking new file synchronization feature which would make life easier for the end user to manage files across multiple computers, all thanks to the updated Cloud Drive Desktop app. This new app will play nice with both Windows and Mac platforms, where it will also include File Sync, which will enable users to easily store and access files in the Amazon Cloud right from a folder on their computer regardless of where they are, as long as they remain connected to the Internet.

 All files that are stashed in this particular folder will also see a copy stored automatically in Cloud Drive, and it is easily accessible. Whenever you choose to install the app on a second computer, your entire collection of synced files will also be “transported” there as well. Don’t you think that this particular idea would make it extremely simple for users to place files in Cloud Drive, sort of an “upload and forget” mechanism?

At least it shows how seriously that Amazon is taking its web services infrastructure. Right now, documents which are stashed in Cloud Drive will be automatically available in the Docs library over on the Kindle Fire. As for photos, those stashed in Cloud Drive will automatically be available in the Photos library on Kindle Fire and Cloud Drive Photos for Android. All photos which have been uploaded from the Cloud Drive Photos app on your phone are also automatically downloaded to the Cloud Drive folder on your computer.

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