Amazon Locker – Waits for your Packages, So You Don’t Have To

I don’t know whats happened to me over the years but going out to the shopping malls anytime after Thanksgiving is a fate worse than death. I choose instead, to pick out my gifts online and save them on my wishlist, simply adding them to my shopping cart at whatever pace my wallet will allow. The only inconvenience that remains (besides my credit card bill) is actually being there to sign for the stuff, sometimes its truly a hassle… probably for the delivery guy too, I mean how many times does he want to try and deliver my light up faux crystal punch fountain? Seriously?

Well, it seems like Amazon is trying to think of everything this season, by launching its Amazon Locker service. Amazon Locker simply lets you get your packages at secure locker type locations throughout the country. You find the locker that’s closest to where you want to be by using a zip code, address or even a national landmark and then you use that address when you check out. You can even save your desired locker locations for use during subsequent purchases. 

The whole process seems easy as pie, and has a whole slew of advantages, including easy one stop delivery for the drivers, anytime parcel pick up for the customers, as well as increased package safety. Indeed I have had a package or 2 that may have “walked off” my doorstep in unintended hands and last but not least, it allows for stealth package delivery, so no surprises are spoiled and no one needs to know about the well, ahem…. lets just say stuff no one needs to know about!

So, to pick up your Amazon Locker package you simply take a unique pick-up code that you receive via email or a text message to your chosen locker location and enter your code into the touch screen display and Voila! The compartment with your package magically opens. Sound good to you? Check out for more information and watch for locker locations coming soon.


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