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Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition intends to bring gaming to a whole new level

Back in April last year, we were introduced to the Amazon Fire TV, which did not really take off in a big way which Amazon would have liked, but it would be folly to say that it was a complete disaster, either. So, what is it about the Amazon Fire TV that requires a second look? The folks over at Amazon apparently thought so, which was why they decided to work on the Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition. The Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition is definitely something new, as it merges the spanking new Amazon Fire TV, in addition to that of a new game controller, a 32GB microSD memory card, and a pair included games – namely Shovel Knight and Disney’s Ducktales, and all of that will be going for $139.99 a pop.

It is nice to see that the new Amazon Fire TV Game Controller will boast of an all-new ergonomic design, a headphone jack, and voice search, where you will be able to take advantage of it as part of the Gaming Edition, or opt to take it as an accessory for Fire TV which can be added on later. Just how much better is the new Fire TV compared to its predecessor? Well, Amazon claims that it boasts of 75% additional processing power, double the GPU performance, in addition to a microSD memory card slot for expansion purposes of up to 128GB, delivering incredible value and powerful performance for gamers.

In addition, the Amazon Fire TV will come with more games than any other streaming media player in the market, where some of the new and popular games will include Minecraft Story Mode, Pac Man 256, Disney’s Ducktales, and Shovel Knight.

As for the Amazon Fire TV Game Controller, it will run on a set of AA batteries, offering up to 90 hours of performance before a replacement is required – assuming you do not hook up a pair of headphones to it, of course, as doing so would result in a lower battery life but a more intimate gaming experience. Any takers for the new Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition?

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