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Make your Amazon Echo portable

battery-baseClose to the end of 2014, the folks over at Amazon rolled out something which is rather interesting – the Amazon Echo, which has been touted to be the home version of Siri. Well, just because it is the home version of Siri, or rather, a voice assistant that is meant to be based at home, this does not mean that it cannot be carried around. Where there is a will, there is a way, and Mission Cables has announce the release of Battery Base for Amazon Echo.

The award-winning Echo has already achieved its fair share of success by being an integrated smart home and digital assistant, boasting capabilities with high-performance audio, but one thing that it has been missing out on until now would be the lack of flexibility that is associated with having a built-in battery. Battery Base from Mission Cables would be able to solve that particular issue, where it introduces seamlessly portability to the Echo, while unleashing a wide range of new applications for the best-selling device. For the very first time ever, customers are able to make use of Echo just about anywhere as long as it is within range of a WiFi router or a Bluetooth-enabled phone.

The Battery Base is a snap to set up, as the Echo will conveniently slip into the Battery Base, and from there, it offers up to half a dozen hours of audio playback. This is a patent-pending product that runs on the Amazon Echo adapter, and users will be able to easily unplug it when they are ready to make Echo portable. Not only that, the Echo will continue to work during transitions between being powered by the power adapter and Battery Base. The asking price for such a unique and pretty useful product around the home? Well, you can pick it up for $49.99 a pop – from where else, but

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