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Amazon Echo is your home version of Siri

Amazon Echo

If you have a smartphone, all the information in the world is at your fingertips. You can surf the web to find answers to daily questions, or get a front row seat to the lives of your friends and family through social media. Everything we encounter is becoming more and more connected as time moves on, so it only makes sense that we’re going to see our homes become as intelligent as our phones.

We have the Nest, automated lighting systems, self-locking doors, and much more. If you’re the type who always has a question on their mind, then the new Amazon Echo might become your new best friend. This is a voice activated system that can set alarms, play music, give you weather forecasts, and answer any general questions you may think up. You’ll also have the ability to set timers and add things to your grocery list on Bluetooth connected devices.

The whole setup is very easy, and so long as you have WiFi it will work with the companion app on Fire OS, Android, desktop, and iOS browsers. It produces omnidirectional sound, and is capable of hearing you from anywhere in the room you set it. It will cost you anywhere from $99-199 depending on whether or not you’re an Amazon Prime member. Of course, you have to be selected to purchase one before you can actually buy it as well. The idea is simple, but it makes you wonder if there’s a bigger scheme in the works.

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